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Strays (2023) Full Movie – Watch Online Free

Stray 2023

“Strays” is a charming and delightful animated comedy movie set to hit the theaters on August 18, 2023, in the United States. Directed by Josh Greenbaum and written by Dan Perrault, the film takes audiences on an adventurous journey where an abandoned dog and a group of fellow strays unite to seek revenge on his former owner. With an ensemble cast featuring the voices of Jamie Foxx, Will Ferrell, Sofía Vergara, and more, “Strays” promises to be an entertaining, family-friendly film.

It is not just a heartwarming and entertaining animated movie, but it also represents the culmination of creativity, hard work, and collaboration. In this section, we delve into the making of this delightful canine revenge adventure, exploring the talented team behind the scenes, the animation process, and the overall journey of bringing “Strays” to life.


In this movie, we meet Bug, an adorable and lovable dog who was once living the perfect life with his loving owner, Reggie. However, all of that changes when Reggie decides he can no longer care for Bug and abandons him on the streets. Heartbroken and alone, Bug finds himself navigating the tough and unforgiving world of strays.

Plot Summary

As Bug tries to survive on the streets, he encounters a group of other stray dogs, each with their own unique personality and quirks. Among them is the street-smart and sarcastic Maggie, the timid but caring Hunter, and the goofy and loveable Willy.

Together, this motley crew of strays forms an unlikely bond, finding solace and companionship in one another’s company. As they roam the city, they encounter various challenges and obstacles, from avoiding animal control to dealing with mean-spirited humans.

During their adventures, Bug learns about a secret organization of pets called “The Brotherhood of Strays.” The Brotherhood is a tight-knit group of animals who seek justice for mistreated and abandoned pets. Inspired by their mission, Bug decides that it’s time to take matters into his own paws and seek revenge on Reggie for leaving him behind.

With the help of his newfound friends and the guidance of the wise and mysterious Doug, the leader of The Brotherhood, Bug hatches a plan to expose Reggie’s mistreatment of pets and teach him a lesson he’ll never forget.

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Voice Cast

The movie boasts an impressive voice cast that breathes life into the characters:

  • Jamie Foxx as Bug: The lovable and determined protagonist seeking revenge.
  • Will Ferrell as Reggie: The former owner of Bug, who must face the consequences of his actions.
  • Sofía Vergara as Maggie: A street-smart and sassy stray who becomes Bug’s loyal companion.
  • Isla Fisher as Doug: The wise and mysterious leader of The Brotherhood of Strays.
  • Harvey Guillén as Hunter: A timid but caring stray who joins Bug’s mission.
  • And a talented ensemble of actors who bring their charm to the various supporting characters.

Creative Team Behind the Scenes

The success of any animated film depends heavily on the creative minds working behind the scenes. “Strays” is no exception, boasting a team of seasoned professionals who brought their unique talents to the project.

Director Josh Greenbaum: With his visionary direction, Josh Greenbaum ensured that the movie maintained its perfect balance of humor, emotion, and action. His expertise in storytelling and ability to connect with the audience contributed to the film’s charm.

Writer Dan Perrault: Dan Perrault’s creative writing skills crafted a captivating and heartwarming storyline for “Strays.” His ability to infuse humor and depth into the characters made their adventures even more memorable.

Official Trailer of Strays 2023

Animation Process

The animation process is the heart of any animated movie, and “Strays” is no different. The animation team worked tirelessly to give life and personality to each character and bring the world of strays to vibrant existence.

Character Design: The team of animators and character designers collaborated to create visually striking and unique characters. From Bug’s adorable and expressive eyes to Maggie’s sassy demeanor, each detail was carefully crafted to evoke emotions in the audience.

Voice Acting: The voice cast’s talent played a crucial role in breathing life into the characters. Jamie Foxx, with his charismatic voice, brought charm and determination to Bug’s character, while Will Ferrell’s voice lent depth and complexity to Reggie. Sofía Vergara’s distinctive voice perfectly complemented Maggie’s street-smart attitude.

Animation Rendering: The animators used cutting-edge animation technology to render realistic movements, expressions, and environments. From the bustling streets of the city to the heartwarming interactions between the strays, the animation brought the world of “Strays” to vivid life.

Messages and Themes

Beyond its engaging storyline and impressive animation, the film conveys important messages to its audience.

Animal Welfare: The movie sheds light on the importance of responsible pet ownership and the need to care for and protect animals. It highlights the impact of abandonment and mistreatment on pets and the resilience they display in the face of adversity.

Friendship and Unity: The film emphasizes the significance of friendship, teamwork, and unity. The bond formed among the strays and their collective efforts to seek justice serve as powerful reminders of the strength that comes from standing together.

Strays” is more than just an animated adventure; it is a heartwarming tale that resonates with audiences of all ages. The passion, creativity, and dedication of the talented team behind the movie shine through, making it a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

As we eagerly await the release of “Strays” on August 18, 2023, we can’t help but marvel at the magic of animation that brings these lovable characters and their adventurous journey to life. So, mark your calendars and get ready to join Bug and his furry friends on a pawsome ride filled with humor, friendship, and a heartwarming message of hope and resilience in “Strays”! See Also Back on the Strip (2023) – Watch Online Free

What is the genre of the movie “Strays”?

It is an animated comedy film, promising a heartwarming and entertaining adventure.

Who are the director and writer of the movie?

The movie is directed by Josh Greenbaum, while the screenplay is written by Dan Perrault.

When is “Strays” scheduled to be released?

“Strays” is set to release on August 18, 2023, in the United States.

What is the storyline of “Strays”?

The movie follows the journey of an abandoned dog named Bug, who teams up with a group of fellow strays to seek revenge on his former owner, Reggie, who left him behind. Together, the dogs embark on an adventurous and heartwarming quest for justice and friendship.

Is “Strays” suitable for all ages?

Yes, it is an animated family-friendly film, suitable for viewers of all ages. It offers humor and meaningful messages that resonate with both children and adults.

What are some of the key themes explored in the movie?

“Strays” explores themes of friendship, loyalty, animal welfare, and the importance of standing up against mistreatment. It conveys powerful messages about the resilience of animals and the strength of unity.

Who are the production companies behind the movie?

The movie is produced by Universal Pictures, Gloria Sanchez Productions, and Lord Miller.

Is there any international title for the movie?

Yes, “Strays” is also known as “Кудлаті перці” in some international markets.

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