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RiffTrax Live: RAD 2023 – Watch Online Free

RiffTrax Live RAD

Are you ready for an adventure that’s both thrilling and sidesplittingly funny? Look no further than RiffTrax Live: RAD 2023! Starring Rocky’s own Talia Shire, Olympic champion Bart Conner, and the talented Lori Loughlin, RAD takes you on a journey through the world of professional Racing Around in the Dirt on Tiny Bicycles. Get ready to pedal into the action on August 17th as the hilarious trio of Mike, Bill, and Kevin from RiffTrax provide their signature commentary live in theaters nationwide!

A Saga of Dreams and Determination

RAD follows the story of a small-town kid with big dreams of conquering the elite world of Tiny-Bike Racing. This young hero dreams of doing daring flips and spins on his tiny bicycle while leaving his mark on the racing world. But the path to success is not without its challenges. Our protagonist must face formidable obstacles and win the respect of the World Champion Tiny Bicycle racers. Can he rise to the occasion and prove that he’s a true champion?

The Heart of the Tiny-Bike-Racing Girl

Amidst all the thrilling racing action, there’s room for matters of the heart. Along his journey, our hero finds himself drawn to the Tiny-Bike-Racing girl. Will their shared passion for the sport bring them closer together? Join us in the theater to find out if love blossoms on the tiny tracks!

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RiffTrax’s Unique Twist

What makes RiffTrax Live: RAD 2023 an unforgettable experience is the hilarious and witty commentary provided by the comedic geniuses Mike, Bill, and Kevin. As the stars of RiffTrax, they have a knack for finding humor in every frame and delivering laugh-out-loud remarks that enhance the movie-watching experience. Their funny and engaging banter will keep you entertained throughout the entire film.

LIVE Laughter in Theaters

On August 17th, get ready to buckle up and witness the ultimate entertainment spectacle. RiffTrax Live: RAD 2023 will be screening in theaters nationwide, bringing the excitement of the racing world and the charm of RiffTrax’s humor to the big screen. It’s a unique chance to experience the joy of shared laughter with fellow moviegoers as you embark on this heartwarming and comedic journey.

Don’t Miss the RAD Event!

If you want to experience a heartwarming tale of dreams, determination, and racing excitement, RiffTrax Live: RAD 2023 is the movie event for you. Join Mike, Bill, and Kevin for an unforgettable night of fun, wit, and laughter as they provide their live commentary on this action-packed film.

Mark your calendars for August 17th, gather your friends and family, and head to your nearest theater for an evening of racing adventures and belly laughs. Don’t miss this chance to be part of a nationwide audience enjoying the unique hilarity of RiffTrax Live: RAD 2023. Get ready to pedal into your hearts and witness a movie experience like no other!

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What is RiffTrax Live: RAD 2023?

RiffTrax Live: RAD 2023 is a special movie event featuring the stars of RiffTrax, Mike, Bill, and Kevin, providing live and humorous commentary during a screening of the movie “RAD.” The event promises an entertaining and laughter-filled experience for the audience.

Who are the stars of RiffTrax?

RiffTrax is led by the comedic trio of Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy. They are renowned for their witty commentary and humorous take on various movies, making them a hit among fans.

What is the storyline of the movie “RAD”?

“RAD” is a sports drama that follows the journey of a small-town kid with dreams of becoming a professional Tiny-Bike Racer. He faces challenges, seeks respect from World Champion racers, and navigates matters of the heart. The film offers a mix of thrilling racing action and heartwarming moments.

When will RiffTrax Live: RAD 2023 be screened?

The live event of RiffTrax Live: RAD 2023 will take place on August 17th. The comedic commentary by Mike, Bill, and Kevin will be performed simultaneously during the movie’s screening in theaters nationwide

Is the movie “RAD” suitable for all audiences?

The movie “RAD” has a sports drama theme and is generally suitable for a wide range of audiences. However, its specific rating may vary depending on the country and the regulations in place.

How can I purchase tickets for RiffTrax Live: RAD 2023?

Tickets for RiffTrax Live events are usually available for purchase through participating theaters and the RiffTrax website. Check the official website or contact your local theater for ticketing information and availability.

Will RiffTrax Live: RAD 2023 be available for streaming or on-demand viewing?

RiffTrax Live events are typically exclusive to theaters during their live screenings. However, the event organizers may offer encore screenings or release recorded versions at a later date. Keep an eye on official announcements for updates on availability.

Get ready to pedal into a night of laughter and excitement with RiffTrax Live: RAD 2023! Join the hilarious trio of Mike, Bill, and Kevin as they take you on a comedic ride through the world of Tiny-Bike Racing. Don’t miss this entertaining and engaging event on August 17th!

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